Affirmations may sound a bit woo woo but there there is a very simple explanation for how they work and why they will benefit you. Firstly, I need to explain what an affirmation is and what your subconscious is…

  • An affirmation is the action or process of saying uplifting words that will provide emotional support or encouragement to oneself.
  • So what is your subconscious? It is the part of the mind that one is not fully aware; but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

So if you are not fully aware of your subconscious mind, which affects you actions and feelings, then how do you change the automation of your brain from the current default?

That’s where affirmations come in. Your subconscious is ALWAYS listening so by saying words of affirmation over and over, your subconscious will believe you and you will align your actions and feelings to these new positive beliefs.

So let me give you two scenarios.. you may have the thought process of person 1 or person 2…

  • Person 1: ‘I am so tired, I am so lazy, I am so bored, I am always sick, I am so disorganized, I am so unhappy, I cannot stop eating junk food…”
  • Person 2: ‘I have so much energy, I am so motivated, my life is so exciting, I am so healthy, I am so organized, I am so happy, I am eating so well…”

Do you think the automated thought process of person 1 or the automated thought process of person 2 is healthier? Do you think the feelings and actions taken by person 1 or person 2 are more positive and productive?

Now let’s break down what a belief is.

  • A belief is simply something you believe. For example: “I believe that I am a lazy person”.

How did you form that belief?

  • Well, most likely someone said it to you when you were little or maybe you thought of it yourself but regardless it began as a thought. One single thought. Then you thought about it again. Then again. Then again. Then it became a belief. Your subconscious believes you are lazy, you believe you are lazy, therefore you are lazy.

Now let’s get a little deep for a second and think about how you speak to other people because I am super PASSIONATE about positive language:

Do you tell your kids they are lazy? Do you tell your partner they are lazy? Can you see how viscous the cycle can be?

  • Start changing the language you use with others and with yourself. It can start as one affirmation, then another, then another until your sub conscious believe differently and then you become different. Simples.

Now get saying your affirmations and be kind to yourself!

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