Manifesting is all about feeling and energy. Putting good vibes out to the universe and being rewarded for it BUT what if you’re anxious AF? I get it, I totally get it! I literally walked around for over three years with an overwhelming crushing feeling on my chest not being able to identify what it was. Even when I did identify what it was, I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I even went to emergency thinking I was having a heart attack but it was a panic attack (rookie mistake but in all seriousness never second guess going to the hospital, just go). Well that introduction escalated didn’t it… Anyhoo, here are my 3 simple anxiety busters:

1. Download the Grace Space Hypnosis App and listen before you go to sleep at night. This my friends, is my number one anxiety buster. I just lie down, put in my headphones (I’m not cool enough for ear pods or whatever they’re called) and I play whatever track I need, to fix whatever issue I’m having. They have anxiety relief at work, anxiety relief at home and overcoming social anxiety. The more you use it, the more you can benefit because your subconscious believes everything it hears (sucker). I fall asleep to it every night and I always wake up anxiety free.

2. Laughter is the best medicine. At the beginning of the pandemic I started consuming covid-19 news stories like they were Macca’s hash browns. I absorbed so much negativity that I became overloaded with grief and stress and anxiety and lack of motivation. One afternoon I just googled Tiger King memes for an hour. I laffed and then I laffed some more. Then I went on TiKTok and laffed. Then I watched Arrested Development and then I started sharing rona memes on Instagram stories. Oh my, how I laffed. Stop inviting bad energy into your life via news, social media, podcasts and tune into something funny. Laugh people.

3. Make a GP Appointment. You can make bulk billed appointments on the phone now. Especially handy if you can’t handle the thought of getting dressed and leaving the house, let alone looking someone in the eyes and whimpering ‘help me, I’m being crushed by the overwhelming expectations of society’. Write it all down beforehand, take a breath and tell them you are anxious and you want to go on a mental health plan and you don’t want to feel that way anymore. Your GP can guide you from there. If they don’t listen then make an appointment with a different GP, Shop around until you find someone that takes you seriously. You deserve to be heard. I know that in the peak of my anxiety calling the GP and showing up was not ‘simple’ it was actually hard but TRUST me, there is nothing more important than getting your mental health back on track and getting rid of anxiety. You are worth it.

Side note: If you want to know more about the process involved in a mental health plan after going to the GP just shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’m happy to chat more about it.


Love always, Emma Gibb xx