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Emma Gibb Family


My family is everything to me and as cliche as it sounds, I am truly hashtag blessed. All I every wanted to be growing up was a mum to two boys. Well actually that’s a lie, every time I got a curly chip, I wished I could be a ballerina but apart from that, I wanted to be a mum.

Anyhoo living the dream with my boys Will (4) and James (2) and twin flame hubby in the suburbs but dreaming of the day we move to a farm down south and live off the grid with a veggie patch and vitamin sea at our doorstep.

I’m a hippie at heart and love being in nature. You’ll often find us on camping adventures or by the ocean.

Emma Gibb Crystals


One day I will have a room dedicated to massive crystal clusters. It will have white shelves lining the walls and crystals every colour of a rainbow. There will be a round, soft, fluffy rug in the middle of the floor and the room will smell of salted caramel. I will walk in there each morning to absorb the healing vibrations and ignore my children for at least twenty minutes.

If you’re a beginner with crystals then pop a citrine in your coin purse, jade at your front door and rose quartz under your pillow and let the good vibes flow.

Positivity Emma Gibb blog


When I was little, my dad hung a laminated inspirational speech in the shower. He told me to read it every morning and I did. It said something like “I am strong, why? I’ll tell you why, because I am smart, powerful…” you get the idea. I truly believe that this little ritual set me up for life. I believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and where good energy goes, good things flow.

I use humour to spread positivity and believe everyone deserves happiness. I think the energy you put out is the energy you get back and life is full of exciting possibilities. I have so many dreams and goals and ambitions and I love connecting with others that inspire me and make me want to be a better human.

So after that extremely long introduction… welcome to my blog. My safe space, where I hope you leave a little lighter and a little brighter.

Stay safe. Love Em xxx

Laughter is the best medicine

Coffee is also pretty wonderful